AUSTIN (KXAN) — As drought conditions continue across Central Texas, water levels in Lake Travis continue to drop.

So far, that has not impacted business at Austin’s Boat Tours.

“We are fully booked almost every Saturday,” said co-owner Angel Edwards.

Last year, Lake Travis was about 77% full, but it is down to about 54% full this year. Water levels show the lake is almost 20 feet below its average level.

“Our marina will be pushed out like a lot of the other marinas,” said Austin Edwards, Austin’s Boat Tours co-owner.

As water levels recede, many docks and marinas will push their docks out further into the water, but in some coves, the water has dropped so much that some docks are no longer in the water.

“The water has dropped,” said Jim Pilotto, who owns ‘I’m on a Boat Austin. “I am in a cove and I have nowhere else to take my boat.”

Pilotto says he can’t even find a dock for his sailboats and he is now looking for anyone that might have space. If not, he will have to wait until water levels rise again.

“I am hoping for rain, big time,” said Pilotto.

For now, the lake is still accessible but many people will continue to keep an eye on those levels as they continue to drop.

“My biggest concern is for the public boaters,” said Austin Edwards.

Currently, the only ramps open within Travis County on Lake Travis are Mansfield Dam Park, Pace Bend at Tournament point and boat ramp No. 3 at Jones Brothers Park.

While the current lake level is the lowest since 2015, it’s still a long way from the lowest level ever recorded. The lake hit an all-time low of 614.18′ on Aug. 14, 1951.

The lowest recorded level of Lake Travis in the past decade was 618.56′ in September 2013.

Go to KXAN’s lake levels page to check the latest depths.