TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — After the head of a company that manages the personal information of poll workers was arrested, the Travis County Clerk’s Office is reassuring voters it doesn’t affect voting systems.

Earlier this month, Konnech Corporation CEO Eugene Yu was accused of theft of personal identifying information of poll workers in California, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. The Michigan-based company’s software, PollChief, manages poll workers, their assignments and payroll, according to the office, and requires the workers to fill out personal information. LA County used the software in the last California election.

The LA County DA’s Office said Konnech was supposed to secure the data so only U.S. citizens and permanent residents could access it, but the office claimed investigators found the information was stored on servers in China.

Both the LA County DA’s Office and the Travis County Clerk’s Office said the allegations have no impact on votes or election results.

“It [PollChief] is not used in the voting process or in the counting of votes and does not have access to the voting system,” the Travis County Clerk’s Office said in a statement.

Travis County said although it’s used PollChief to manage election workers in the past, it will not be using the software in the upcoming elections.

The clerk’s office said while it’s looking into potential impacts on its poll workers, it said the county “has no reason to believe its poll worker data is involved.”

“There is no evidence, allegation, or indication that Travis County poll worker information has been compromised,” the clerk’s office’s statement read.