AUSTIN (KXAN) — Don’t expect to wait in a long line if you vote early in Travis County.

“We’ve had very minimal long lines, thank goodness. But now that we’re nearing the end of early voting and Election Day is coming up, we’re going to see those long lines,” said Travis County Clerk Rebecca Guerrero.

Travis County has 38 voting locations open for early voting and will have 167 locations on Election Day.

Guerrero said she is not aware of any problems at the polls or complaints of voting machines switching votes, as some suggested on social media.

“We have not received any complaints from a voter stating that has actually happened. Now we are aware that it has been through social media, but we have not experienced that,” Guerrero said.

Guerrero encouraged voters to double-check their ballot, and if they do notice a discrepancy, “they need to immediately talk to the judge on duty.”