AUSTIN (KXAN) — Travis County Clerk Dana Debeauvoir said voter turnout is expected to be up almost seven percentage points compared to the last constitutional amendment election when there weren’t any national or statewide candidates to vote for.

Monday’s the last day to register to vote in the November 2 election. While you can still register at any time, applications received after Monday will not be eligible for the upcoming election.

The first day of early voting is Monday, October 18.

KXAN News Today Anchor Tom Miller talked with Debeauvoir about what voters should know leading up to the election.

Tom: Last November we had a huge election going on. There were a lot of national and statewide races that people were invested in. This year maybe not so much. How does that potentially impact turnout?

Dana: Last constitutional amendment election we had about a 13.5% turnout. That’s not very good. But I do think we’ll do a little bit better this time around. I think people are pent up to go vote, and I think it makes them feel better when they’re frustrated to go and cast a ballot. So I’m anticipating we’ll probably see closer to a 20% turnout for this time.

Tom: Are there some issues that you suspect are flying under the radar that you think voters should know about?

Dana: Most of the changes that voters have heard about coming out of the legislature are not in place yet. They will be after January first, so they will apply to the primary. There are some new ID concerns, and there will be quite a bit of change for voters to take into consideration once we get through redistricting, or as some call it, gerrymandering.

Tom: We’re hearing a lot about Prop A, which has to do with police staffing levels. Can you describe what Pprop A is?

Dana: Prop A is about how much money we’re going to spend on traditional police services, versus other kinds of policing activity that hasn’t been so well supported in the past like mental health support. Prop A is about that kind of funding.

Tom: What happens if people want to vote in this election, but haven’t yet registered? Is it too late for them?

Dana: The deadline for registering to vote is midnight Monday, so maybe they have a few more hours to try to get that problem corrected.