TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — The deadline for homeowners to protest their home’s appraisal value is quickly approaching; May 16 is the deadline.

Travis Central Appraisal District expects more than 150,000 protests to be filed this year with a high number of homeowners seeing a resolution.

“There is a good majority of the accounts that will have some sort of reduction applied to them,” said Mayra Crigler the chief appraiser for TCAD. “There are details about properties that we are not aware of that property owners can bring to our attention.”

TCAD is tallying the number of protests so far but said it has seen a big problem in another area. Fifty percent of new homeowners are forgetting to include a crucial element when filing for an exemption.

“They are forgetting to include the required documents, which is a copy of your Texas driver’s license or your state ID, and we cannot grant the exemption unless we get the required documents,” said Crigler.

TCAD said the mistake can only add to the current 60-90 day delay in processing exemptions.

“We will attempt to reach out to that property owner, and see if we can get them to quickly submit that information to us, but if we are unsuccessful in reaching out to them to get that information, we have to deny the exemption,” said Crigler.