AUSTIN (KXAN) — Emergency crews found two bodies near the area where two people were reportedly struggling in the Colorado River in eastern Travis County Saturday.

One was found Sunday afternoon. The other on Monday, according to Austin-Travis County EMS and the Travis County Sheriff’s Office.

A witness who was camping nearby says people in her group saw people struggling in the water from the riverbank beach and got on canoes to try and help.

The River Forest Haven campsite is across the river from Little Webberville Park, where first responders say the swimmers entered the water. A spokesperson for River Forest Haven says the swimmers had no affiliation with the campsite and were not guests.

How to help

“Obviously, our human nature is to want to help,” said Capt. Darren Noak with ATCEMS.

He says if you see someone in distress, it’s imperative to consider your own safety as well. Noak recommends the following measures in similar situations:

  • Staying on land and reaching out to the person in the water with a branch or another similar long item
  • Toss a flotation device or rope to the person in the water
  • Get in a boat or other vessel that can safely get you to where they are

Austin-Travis County EMS also said the current is strong where the swimmers reportedly got into the water. Noak says there are other trouble spots that people may not be aware of downstream from dams, and the creeks along the greenbelt that can quickly flood if there’s a storm upstream.