TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — The body of a man was found on the conveyor belt of a recycling center in south Travis County Thursday, according to the Travis County Sheriff’s Office.

It was found at the facility in the 3600 block of Farm to Market Road 1327. Texas Disposal Systems Materials Recovery Facility is in that same block.

Officials have not said how the person died or released an identity, but at a press briefing Thursday afternoon, TCSO’s Kristen Dark said they are treating it as a suspicious death until an autopsy proves otherwise.

“The autopsy will help us determine if foul play was involved,” Dark said. “Right now, what we know is we have a male victim, our crime lab is here, our detectives are here and the investigation has just gotten underway.”

This is not the first time a body has been found at a recycling center in Travis County. Earlier this year, the body of Collen LeBlanc was found on a conveyor belt at a center in east Travis County.

A man named Mark Kenady pleaded guilty to the April 2015 murder of Clarence Gardner Junior following an argument. His body was also found on a recycling center conveyor belt. A woman was also charged with murder at the time but the case was dismissed against her.

The body of Shaybren Harris, a mother of four, was found at the recycling center in January 2014. Authorities say the person who killed her may have known her, but didn’t arrest a suspect.