AUSTIN (KXAN) — You could soon see police officers patrolling private neighborhoods in Bee Cave.

In a recent meeting, the Bee Cave City Council approved a resolution to allow homeowners associations to pay for overtime so officers can patrol neighborhoods.

Bee Cave City Manager Clint Garza says speeding and drivers not stopping at stop signs are causing issues in the Falconhead neighborhood.

“We can put them in the neighborhoods, but outside the normal patrol hours, so I think it is a good idea because the neighborhood wanted the additional patrol, but they offered to step up and fund it themselves,” said Garza.

Travis Lowe says people are cutting through his neighborhood to get to FM 620 or SH 71, and they aren’t driving the speed limit, which is 25 or 30 mph, depending on the area.

“I am seeing cars go 50 to 60,” Lowe said. “We love it over here. We love the neighborhood. The traffic, not so much.”

The patrol would operate four days a week on four-hour shifts for officers who are looking to make a little extra money.

“Homeowner associations across the city could apply for the additional patrol and then they would just reimburse the city for any overtime that was worked to patrol those neighborhoods,” Garza said.

During the city council meeting it was stated that this is a pilot program and may not be sustainable in the long term, due to manpower.