TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) – Travis County court records revealed arson charges against a minor from a June 1 incident in Manor. The teenager was named in an affidavit and arrest warrant application Friday.

A fire was reported on June 1 around 12:41 p.m. at the former Manor Downs grandstand and observation tower in the 8900 block of Hill Lane.

First responders with the Travis County ESD No. 12 said the structure was partially involved and reported a partial collapse of the structure within 15 minutes of the fire being reported. The fire was upgraded to a second alarm fire by 1:18 p.m.

Records said the structure and property were vacant and in the process of being redeveloped by the owner.

According to court records, a group of students from Manor High School was “caught by school officials as they were coming back to the school campus from the property where the fire occurred.”

Court documents said students admitted to leaving the school campus, skipping class and walking to the Manor Downs property where the fire occurred.

One student told officials the group went to the property with the intention to burn the building down. The student also provided video and photo evidence showing members of the group starting the fire and group members admitting to arson, according to court documents.

In one of the videos, a student could be seen and heard saying, “Yeah, we did that s*** back there…we did that s*** back there,” and another student in the background responded with, “That’s not something we should be proud of,” the document said.

As of June 15, law enforcement officials were waiting for Instagram to respond to search warrants for the content of each listed student’s account content.