TRAVIS COUNTY (Austin Business Journal) — Documents recently filed with the city of Austin indicate Tesla Inc. plans another facility on its land in eastern Travis County.

There aren’t too many details about what the facility would be used for, and project representatives either declined to comment or could not be reached by publication time. But a site plan filed April 30 for Tesla’s “Bobcat Project” points to another industrial building rising off Harold Green Road near the company’s $1.1 billion gigafactory.

It is not surprising that the company is planning another project in the area. Tesla’s Colorado River Project LLC has purchased more than 2,500 acres in the city of Austin extraterritorial jurisdiction, leaving many to wonder what could be planned on the massive site. Though the city did not have very many details, Bobcat Project showcases another step in Tesla’s (Nasdaq: TSLA) development plans.

It is unclear exactly where the new facility would be located. It could sit on up to 150 acres, although a 65% impervious cover limit in the Austin ETJ means development could be at most about 97 acres. That would include the facility, driveways, sidewalks, roadways and parking lots, among other factors.

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