Travis County

A case of a polio like disease confirmed in Travis County

TRAVIS COUNTY (KXAN) — A case of a polio-like disease has been confirmed in Travis County.

The disease is called acute flaccid myelitis or AFM.

AFM can leave children partially paralyzed, and some cases can be deadly. The centers for disease control and prevention say so far there have been at least 38 cases across 16 states.

The condition often hits after a child has had a fever from a cold or stomach problems. It leads to partial paralysis, sudden muscle weakness, slurred speech, and facial drooping. There is currently no vaccine or cure.

The only advice doctors can give right now is to wash your hands.

"So, unfortunately, there aren't any anti-viral medicines to treat the viruses that are linked with this syndrome, and we don't know any effective therapies to decrease the inflammation involved in the spinal cord," said infectious disease physician Kevin Messacar.

Travis County is not the only county in Texas with a confirmed case this year. Dallas, Galveston, and Harris counties each have one case. Tarrant County in North Texas has two. 




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