TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — A man faces a murder charge after deputies said he shot and killed another man after an argument in Elgin in November 2021, court documents show.

Nathan Osborne, 20, was arrested by U.S. Marshals Tuesday, Travis County Jail records show. He’s accused in connection with the death of Thomas Walker, 44, which occurred on Nov. 6, 2021. Osborne did not have an attorney listed online as of this article’s publish time.

An arrest affidavit said the shooting occurred after the two had an argument about taking the trash out. Osborne and Walker knew each other but weren’t related. Walker was in a relationship with one of Osborne’s family members at the time, the affidavit showed.

According to the arrest affidavit, Osborne made the initial 911 call, saying he had “shot and killed a home intruder” in Elgin. The call was directed to Travis County. A family member followed up with a second 911 call, stating Walker was trying to beat up Osborne.

A deputy arrived on scene, and Osborne again explained he had shot Walker, and the gun that was used was inside his travel trailer, the affidavit said. Walker was found on the ground near the travel trailer. Medics’ efforts to save his life were unsuccessful.

The affidavit explained Walker and Osborne lived near each other, with Walker in a home and Osborne in a nearby trailer. The day before, Osborne said Walker had sent him several texts that were “threatening in nature,” with Walker saying he was tired of picking up trash, and Osborne should help pay bills.

According to the affidavit, on the day of the shooting, Osborne told deputies he decided to pick up and take out the trash. Walker was in the driveway, and that’s when the arguing and yelling began.

Osborne said he walked back to his trailer and closed the door, the affidavit said. Walker came up to the trailer, went inside and continued arguing with Osborne. Walker ran at Osborne, and that’s when Osborne said he grabbed the gun and shot Walker “3 or 4 times because Thomas [Walker] kept coming at him.”

However, deputies said in the affidavit evidence showed Walker wasn’t shot in the trailer like Osborne claimed but rather while he was standing on the steps leading up to the trailer’s door.

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office said previously a man turned himself in for the shooting when it happened, but no arrests were made at the time.

The affidavit said deputies now believe Osborne murdered Walker, because “there is no evidence to support that Thomas [Walker] was armed and there is no evidence to show Thomas was beating Nathan [Osborne] prior to shooting Thomas as alleged by [a family member].” The affidavit also said, “there were no signs that a disturbance had taken place inside of the travel trailer.”