Editor’s Note: The above video is a 2022 video exploring why Texans love Texas.

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Did you know the word for the proper way to describe or address the inhabitants of a place is a demonym? There are more than a hundred demonyms in Texas alone.

Some places in Texas have different variations, or the official name for residents wasn’t the preferred term by actual citizens, so we’ll leave it up to you to pick your favorite.

For the places without an official demonym, residents provided their preferred ways to be addressed.

If you have ever wondered how to properly address someone from a specific Central Texas city or town, KXAN has got you covered. Here’s how locals in Central Texas (should) address each other.

Austin — Austinites

The proper way to address a resident of Austin is Austinite; however, for people born and raised in the city, the term “unicorn” was frequently used.

“Recently I’ve heard born & raised Austinites call each other ‘unicorns’…and say ‘ah! A fellow unicorn!’ when they discover each other’s rarity!” one person commented.

Another viewer agreed by saying, “Husband and I are local Austinites. Born and raised and still here. When we tell ppl this. They call us unicorns. Cause we are a rare breed…”

Bastrop — Bastropians

The city of Bastrop also has a preferred demonym used by residents. According to multiple viewers, residents of Bastrop are called Bastropians.

Being we’re East Of Weird we are Bastropians,” one viewer said.

Buda — Budans

The official demonym for Buda residents is Budans; however, residents preferred to be recognized for their beauty instead.

I’m from Buda we go by beauties,” one person commented.

“The Budaful people,” another agreed.

Cedar Park — Cedar Parker

Residents of Cedar Park provided quite a few variations on how they address one another, and the city is one of the few places in Texas without a demonym.

The official unofficial name for a resident in Cedar Park is Cedar Parker, but residents also said:

  • Cedar Parkistanian
  • Cedar Parkians

A viewer also joked by saying Cedar Park residents were called “Sneezers.”

Dripping Springs — Dripping Springers

The demonym for Dripping Springs residents is Dripping Springers.

One viewer; however, suggested calling the residents “Drips,” which prompted a “Yeah, No.” from another viewer.

Elgin — Elginites

The city of Elgin has an official demonym, and it’s also the one most commonly used by its residents—Elginites.

“Elginites – live East of a weird place…” one viewer commented.

“Now that I escaped Texas I also call myself ‘free and happy.’ Used to live in Elgin TX and everyone there called themselves Elginites,” another viewer said.

Hutto —  Huttoan

There is no official demonym for a resident of Hutto, but according to the general rules of demonyms, Huttoan makes the most sense.

However, nearly every resident who commented on the post said residents were called Hippos.

“Hippos. Doesn’t matter if you didn’t go to school here, if you live in Hutto, you’re a hippo,” one person commented.  


The city of Leander was another place in Texas without an official name for its residents, but there was one preference that was most commonly mentioned in the comments on the post, and it was Leanderthals.

The demonym comes from the 1983 discovery of skeletal remains of a prehistoric woman nicknamed the “Leanderthal Lady.”

“We call people from Leander Leanderthals,” one viewer commented.

Another viewer agreed by saying, “I’ve lived in Leander for over 20 years. Leanderthal works for me!!”

Though the Mayor of Leander, Christine DeLisle, commented on the post and said the official name of residents of Leander was “Leandrians.”

Liberty Hill

There is no official demonym for residents of Liberty Hill, but that did not stop residents from coming up with their own.

Liberty Hillians seemed to be a popular term; however, some residents were proud to call themselves Liberty Hillbillies or Liberty Hillbillians.

Marble Falls

There is not an official demonym for Marble Falls, but that hasn’t stopped residents from coming up with their own.

Some viewers had more creative names, making an acronym for Marble Fall-ers.

Pflugerville —  Pflugervillians

Pflugerville residents have their own special demonym for people who live in the area, and it only switches two letters in the actual demonym for the city. Pflugervillians versus Pflugervillains.

“I call people who live in Pflugerville, Pfluger-villains,” one person said.

“I like what folks in Pflugerville are called, ‘Pflugervillains,'” another also commented.

“Pflugerville residents, often called “Pflugervillians,” celebrate our German heritage each year with the Deutschen Pfest at Pfluger Park,” the City of Pflugerville said on its website.

Round Rock — Round Rockers

The demonym for Round Rock has a way of making some people feel empowered. Many residents were proud to be Round Rockers.

One viewer wasn’t sure about the actual demonym for the city but provided another suggestion.

“Don’t know but can we be Round Rockettes?” one viewer asked. 

Other Central Texas demonyms include:

  • Georgetown —  Georgetowner
  • Manor — Manorites
  • New Braunfels — New Braunfelser
  • San Marcos — San Marcan
  • Taylor — Taylorite

General rules for demonyms:

  • For places ending in “s”, add “-ites”
  • For places ending in “on,” add “-ian”
  • For places ending in “o,” add “-an”
  • For places ending in “i,” add “-an”
  • For places ending in “y,” drop the “y” and add “-ian” or “-an”
  • For places ending in consonant or silent “e,” add “-er” or “-ite”
  • For places ending in “polis,” change “polis” to “-politans”
  • For places ending in “a,” add “ns”

Have a demonym for your Central Texas city or town not mentioned above? Let us know!