LOCKHART, Texas (KXAN) — The Lockhart Police Department said it is investigating a suspicious fire that damaged a family-owned tire shop in the town, as the business owners turn to the community for financial help.

Ashley and Gilbert Rodriguez own and operate Legion Tire on Colorado Street in Lockhart. The business has been in the same building for about ten years. The fire started behind the building in an area where they store tires.

The level of damage

Those tires became fuel on the night of September 10 as the fire raged behind the building. The flames entered into the building through a fan on the wall and damaged machinery inside.

“It’s really just a huge mess,” Ashley Rodriguez said while standing in the middle of where the fire started. Surrounding her was thousands of dollars of damage just to tires. The building is safe enough to go inside, but the electricity has been shut off until it can be repaired.

The carnage after a fire ripped through a tire shop. (Photo Courtesy: KXAN)

“That’s the main setback right now is the building repairs,” Rodriguez explained. The roof and sheet rock need extensive repairs. The family rents the building but does not have renters insurance. Rodriguez said the landlord does not have building insurance, which means these repairs are coming out of their pocket.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page with a listed goal of $10,000, but they will take any and all donations.

The back wall of the business is scorched from the flames (Photo Courtesy: KXAN)

Police search for suspects

The Lockhart Police Department is not calling this an arson, at least not right now. Currently, police said they are investigating a suspicious fire.

Rodriguez said a security camera at the Family Dollar next door provided a clue for investigators. She said the video captured a person in the general area of where the fire started at the time of when the flames started.