MARBLE FALLS, Texas (KXAN) — Marble Falls High School administrators are investigating an incident after a video surfaced of students seemingly shouting racist noises while a Black student shot a free throw point. 

Last Friday afternoon, varsity girls’ basketball teams from East Central High School and Marble Falls High School faced off against each other at Marble Falls High. It was there that a group of students appeared to make the racist remarks. 

“This is sad, heartbreaking and uncalled for. Can’t even play basketball without ignorance and racism in the stands. This really broke my heart, my coaches and teammates,” a basketball player from East Central High School posted on her Twitter.

On Sunday, Marble Falls High Principal Damon Adams sent out a statement to parents and administrators about the incident.

“Marble Falls School District has an unyielding commitment to love every child and inspire them to achieve their fullest potential, and this applies to children outside our school district as well. We will continue to work with administration at East Central High to fully investigate and hold students accountable for their actions,” Adams said in the statement. 

“As campus principal, I regret that any player or guest in attendance at our tournament experienced anything from our student body that made them feel uncomfortable or devalued. Marble Falls High School takes these allegations seriously and will continue to hold students accountable for any behaviors that violate our expectations,” the statement continued.

The East Central girls’ basketball team also posted a statement about the incident to its Twitter account. 

“Unfortunately, one of our athletes had to go through a racial situation that was very hurtful and unacceptable. Our athletes, coaching staff and parents are not OK with what happened,” the tweet read.