AUSTIN (KXAN) — Friday night storms caused “severe damage” to a Lago Vista marina, impacting 37 boats.

The Lago Vista Property Owners’ Association marina said they received reports of damage soon after the storms hit between 10 p.m. and midnight.

The association’s rangers and management, law enforcement and the Lower Colorado River Authority responded to the marina to check for injuries, chemical leaks and downed electric lines, but no significant spills or leaks were found so far.

A statement from the board of directors said the LCRA police and emergency management office will help with the oversight of recovery efforts. They will also monitor for environmental hazards from damaged vehicles.

From the marina’s 137 wet slips, 37 boats were severely impacted, according to the property owners’ association.

KXAN viewer photos showed the damage to the marina Saturday. Some boats were overturned on shore.

Photos from the Lago Vista Property Owners’ Association general manager showed the cleanup underway Saturday.

The property owners’ association said it is not confirmed what type of weather event happened at the marina.

“Additional information will be shared with our Association’s members as we assist our marina tenants through this unfortunate recovery process,” a letter from the Lago Vista board of directors said.