AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is investigating the deaths of multiple deer in northwest Austin after they were shot with a crossbow.

There have been at least six deer identified who were shot by someone. Four were found dead and two are still unaccounted for, TPWD said.

Some residents living in the Great Hills neighborhood spotted injured deer walking around the neighborhood, and some of them still had arrows in them when they were found.

“It would be odd not to see deer,” said Cici Smith, who lives in the neighborhood. “Typically people around here love the deer.”

The TPWD says the deer were shot between Dec. 10 and early January.

“So, whoever is doing this is purposefully not using a gun because they don’t want the sound of a gun,” Smith said.

Scott Jurk, one of the game wardens investigating the case, said he believes it was someone on foot or someone driving by the deer in their car.

“It was right off a greenbelt near some apartments, but it doesn’t appear that it was necessarily done by someone in those apartments,” Jurk said.

Jurk said he’s seen similar incidents over the years, but whoever is involved could be facing some serious charges.

“In Texas, if you kill a whitetail deer without landowner permission, that is a felony,” Jurk said. “So, if the landowner pursues charges we can file felony cases. Hunting deer at night, hunting deer from a vehicle or on a public road, those are all class A misdemeanors so they all hold jail time.”

TPWD has a program called Operation Game Thief that’s offering a reward for any information leading to an arrest.

Residents have started a GoFundMe offering a reward for information, as well.

TPWD is pursuing leads, but it’s also urging people who live in the Great Hills neighborhood to look over video cameras.