LIBERTY HILL, Texas (KXAN) — Most people wouldn’t be thrilled at the sight of potholes littering a roadway. But for one Texas community, these roadway conditions have paved the way for some creative scenes greeting passersby each day.

For the past week, a “sinkhole fairy” has been paying some special visits to a Liberty Hill neighborhood, constructing new scenes as a tongue-in-cheek way of raising awareness to current road conditions within the community.

The anonymous neighbor behind the scenes told KXAN the neighborhood is relatively new but has some streets prone to potholes. Each night, they go out to create a new scene in the roadway, with each lasting no more than 24 hours before a new setup replaces it.

“The best thing we’ve gotten out of this is seeing everyone in the neighborhood laughing and interacting with each other. There’s obviously no time for bickering about politics, science, and social issues when there’s an ominous sinkhole that could consume the neighborhood at any moment,” they said in an email. “This situation has been the pits. Seriously, it’s been a ‘hole’ ordeal.”