KYLE, Texas (KXAN) — There appears to be a new resident moving into a Kyle neighborhood.

One month after resident Sophia Johnson sent KXAN a video of a bobcat in the Plum Creek area, viewer Michael Angelillis sent along a new video of a bobcat in the same neighborhood. He said the sighting was off of the Plum Creek Hike and Bike Path.

While not an everyday occurrence, bobcats aren’t quite as much of an unusual sight here in Central Texas. Typically, the critters live in outcrops or within rocky canyon regions, according to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. However, bobcats have adapted living habits as more people have moved into their traditional habitats.

Bobcats tend to average between 15-35 pounds and are about 25-30 inches long with their tails. They’re known for having a spotted coat that ranges in color from a reddish brown to gray with black spots.

Compared to big cat species like mountain lions, bobcats tend to be shyer and exhibit more nocturnal behavior.