HUTTO, Texas (KXAN) — Hutto ISD wants to make sure they are prepared for any emergency situation and that’s why they are preparing now before something happens.

“Could be a power outage, could be a flood in the gym or it could be an act of violence,” said John Michael Keyes with the “I love u Guys” Foundation.

Keyes’ daughter was killed in Colorado at Platte Canyon High School in 2006. Since then, he has devoted himself to school safety and response. His organization teaches people how to react in these situations.

“As she was held hostage she was able to send a text message, I love you guys,” said Keyes. “Ultimately, Emily was taken from us.”

Hutto ISD participated in a reunification drill and it’s designed to make sure the schools know how to respond and reunite students and their parents in an emergency.

“What is your last name, sir?” A teacher said. “Are you comfortable walking with this man?” Another teacher involved in the training said.

For the training, participants are put into groups. Some are greeters and their job is to meet parents as they arrive on the scene. Others set up in designated areas to keep things orderly and check student names. Some teachers would verify the information for parents arriving on the scene and, if the information checks out, they would be reunited once everything is cleared.

“The hope and prayer is you never have to do something like this, but you want to be prepared in case something does happen,” said Farley Middle School Principal Ryan Burns.

Hutto ISD says they go through mandatory drills throughout the year, including shelter-in-place and evacuation drills.