AUSTIN (KXAN) — An otter and two tiny pups were seen bouncing along the San Marcos River bank earlier this month, a viewer video showed.

The San Marcos River Foundation shared the video on Facebook. The otter family was spotted on the gravel bar at the San Marcos River Retreat.

Where do Texas otters live?

Texas Parks and Wildlife says the river otter is currently found in the eastern half of Texas, but they were probably once seen in the Panhandle area, north-central Texas and in southern Texas, according to its website. In the Gulf Coast region, they live in marshes, bayous and brackish inlets.

River otters are “superb swimmers” and can stay underwater for several minutes, according to TPWD. They can travel from one body of water to another and are “scarce in most localities” because they wander through their habitats, the department said.

Earlier this year, Austin Fire Department found an otter in a retention pond behind a building on the J.J. Pickle Research Campus in north Austin. Texas Parks and Wildlife moved it to “a more appropriate location in line with its natural habitat.”