SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) — Texas State University is working to improve its safety on campus after students and staff identified areas of concern during its safety walk last week.

Staff and students in a car during safety night at Texas State
Texas State University said it has a safety walk every semester. This was the first one since 2019.

“Took the campus, chopped it up into six zones, took 30 to 40 people, divided them up into six teams and then they would walk through the areas and identify their observations,” said Dan Costello, associate vice president for facilities.

“At night time, there’s a lot of dark spots on campus. In a parking garage like this, it’s dark, you know, people trying to get to their cars,” Texas State student Dustin Wroten said.

Lighting is just one factor getting fixed.

“Trip hazards, always a concern. Sometimes it’s improperly lit crosswalks, lack of sidewalks, improper signage,” Costello said.

There were 130 observations made during the safety walk.

“Poor lighting and trees blocking lights, that was the lead finding,” Costello said.

Costello said the repairs start now. Freshman Sergio Lerma said the repairs will help students’ experience on campus.

“All of our students should feel safe on campus and that it’s a safe place to learn,” Lerma said.

The university will have another campus safety walk in the spring.

When looking at Texas State’s crime statistics, over the past three years, on-campus burglaries have decreased. However, aggravated assault reports have increased.