SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) — The San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department confirmed multiple trees will be removed from City Park Monday due to “drought stress and disease,” according to a Facebook post Sunday.

Three pecan trees will be removed Monday. Two of them are being removed due to drought stress and disease, while a third’s removal is attributed to its location “in a high use area between the river and the Pauline Espinosa Community Hall,” per the post. That third tree’s trunk is also reported to be 35% dead, with officials adding both insects and disease “have further compromised the structural integrity.”

Under optimal conditions, most pecan trees live around 200 years, officials said.

The San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department added 48 new trees that will be planted in City Park this fall. Those include western soapberry, lacey oak, flameleaf sumac and eastern persimmon tree species, per the post. Staff is also advising residents to not remove any wooden stakes placed around City Park.