SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) — A San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District employee no longer works for the district after a firearm was reportedly found in their backpack, according to a letter set out to families Thursday by SMCISD.

The incident occurred at the Bonham Prekindergarten School in San Marcos, according to SMCISD.

“It was an unintentional mistake. But regardless, bringing a fire arm to campus is illegal, inexcusable. And we will not tolerate this type of actions for for any employer – any individual – coming on to an SMCISD campus,” said Andrew Fernandez, Chief of Communications for SMCISD.

Samantha Vargas’ 4-year-old son who has autism went through the instructional assistant’s backpack and found the gun. Eventually, he put the gun on the table when teacher’s noticed, according to SMCISD.

San Marcos police told KXAN that the gun was loaded when the Vargas’ son was handling it. SMPD said the teacher aid will be charged with unlawful carrying of a weapon in a gun free zone, a Class A misdemeanor. SMPD said it is going to withhold the teacher aid’s identity until the charges are filed.

“If you’re going to be careless like that with your stuff, don’t have that in your bag,” Vargas said.

Another teacher in the classroom saw the gun on the classroom table after Vargas’ son put it down. That teacher was able to evacuate the classroom and notify the student’s parents, Fernandez said.

Vargas is still shaken from the incident. She worried how long he had the gun after finding it in the teacher’s bag.

Samantha Vargas' 4-year-old son
Samantha Vargas and her 4-year-old son who pulled a loaded firearm out of a teacher aid’s bag at Bonham Prekindergarten School in San Marcos (KXAN Photo).

“I know how he is – he had to examine it before putting it down. Anything could have happened in [those] few seconds,” she said. “That’s what keeps replaying through my head.”

Now, Vargas and her partner are considering pulling their son out of Bonham Prekindergarten School and enrolling him somewhere where he might get more attention from the teachers.

“I want to take him out and see where I can put him somewhere else,” she said. “I’m just glad he is here. It just keeps replaying in my head that he couldn’t be here or he could have gotten hurt.”