SAN MARCOS, Texas (KXAN) – Some school districts in Hays County are pushing for more school resource officers this upcoming school year, except for San Marcos CISD.

There are a total of five school resource officers for the district. Monday night, school board members voted to keep it that way.

William Heyward said his son is a student at San Marcos High School. That’s one of the schools in the district that has school resource officers.

“I love those guys, man. They do a really good job of building relationships,” Heyward said.

San Marcos School Board President Clementine Cantu said they are well-covered by the 5 officers they have.

“We have two at San Marcos High School. We have one at each of the middle schools and we have another one that takes care of the alternative campus. Those five SROs are assigned one or two elementary schools,” Cantu said.

She said along with other security measures they are taking, it’s all they need to keep the district safe.

“All of the schools have an SRO assigned to them. They may not be housed at their campus but we cover our school district through the assignment,” Cantu said.

She said there are ongoing talks to possibly add one more SRO next year. But, that may be easier said than done.

“We understand that they are short-staffed with the San Marcos Police Department,” Cantu said.

Heyward said he’d like to see more SROs if possible.

“If we could get more resource officers on campus … on all campuses, at least one or two,” Heyward said.

If finding more SROs is not an option, he has a different suggestion.

“Hire more hall monitors? Peace officers? I don’t know. There’s always a solution,” Heyward said.

School districts requesting more SROs from the county are Hays CISD, Dripping Springs ISD and Wimberley ISD.