SALADO, Texas (KXAN) — A central Texas volunteer fire department is asking people to keep an eye out for rattlesnakes in pool toys.

“When someone picked up one of their pool noodles, a large rattlesnake fell out. And they realized later that several baby snakes were still inside,” a post from the Salado Volunteer Fire Department originally said. After KXAN reached out, the post was altered to be less specific.

“There could be snakes in your pool noodles,” they changed the post to say.

The department noted that with temperatures rising, it is common for snakes to look for dark and cool spaces to hide during the day. They recommended keeping pool toys elevated or sealed if you’re keeping them outside.

The department said if a snake does bit you, stay calm and head to the hospital as soon as possible. Be able to describe the snake to hospital staff as best as you can.

They say don’t do things like trying to cut the wound, suck the venom out or try to capture the snake.