ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — More than $150,000 in tech upgrades will be made to crime-solving tools at the Round Rock Police Department.

The city council during its September meeting approving funding for these upgrades. The two agenda items greenlighted RRPD to get the latest versions of its 3D scene rendering technology and improve its Flock camera systems, which include license plate readers.

RRPD’s Crime Scene and Evidence Supervisor Scott Cheshire said the 3D crime-scene rendering tech has been in use in Round Rock since 2016. He said it has been a crucial tool in getting some scenes cleared quickly but not at the expense of losing evidence.

“Imagine I-35 where you have it shut down for a major collision,” said Cheshire. “This device helps us to capture that scene quicker essentially freezing that scene in time for us.”

The license plate reader tech allows officers to analyze plates in real time while behind a vehicle. Mayor of Round Rock Craig Morgan said investing in the latest version of this system sends a clear message to criminals.

“You know with technology it helps, but the criminals have their own technology as well, you’ve got to fight fire with fire,” said Morgan. “When criminals know you’re tough on crime they’re not going to move into the city.”