Note: This video originally aired March 22.

ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — The city of Round Rock will honor the high school student whose valiant actions helped others during the March tornado outbreak.

At Thursday’s city council meeting, council members will consider giving the Mayor’s Special Recognition Award to James Watson. The then-Success High School student and Walmart employee helped guide customers into the store.

He captured video on his phone as the twister closed in on the store’s parking lot near Interstate 35 and State Highway 45. In the video, Watson and other workers can be heard shouting at people to get inside the store while whipping winds lifted debris into the air and tossed vehicles around.

“I’m not a hero,” James Watson told KXAN in the days after the tornado. “The real heroes would be the policemen, firemen, EMS and our armed forces.”

His video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on social media and shared by news outlets across the country.

According to preliminary estimates, the EF-2 tornado damaged more than 80 residential structures at an estimated cost of $32 million.

The National Weather Service said in its storm report said the twister was the strongest and longest-track tornado of the five confirmed tornadoes that hit our area in March.

It stayed on the ground for 41 minutes and injured 16 people.