ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — Rising rent prices and a lack of affordable housing are just two of the problems causing some Round Rock Independent School District students and their families to be out of a home.

“We ended the school year with 1,045 students experiencing homelessness, some of the highest numbers that we’ve seen in the last seven years, and it’s just heartbreaking right now,” said Desiree Viramontes, the RRISD coordinator for Families in Transition, or FIT.

“I get involved, usually when there’s an eviction, or they’re in their car, or they’re staying in a motel. We have wonderful campus staff or a FIT contact at each campus, usually a counselor.”

Viramontes gave KXAN a tour of the school district’s FIT and Foster Care Resource Center.

It’s a place where students and families can go to find clothes, shoes, food or school supplies throughout the school year, especially during extreme weather events.

“Over the winter, we have these big winter events facing extreme cold and now we’re experiencing extreme heat,” said Viramontes.

“Every year, I feel like we have to be flexible and find ways to help our families and unique circumstances.”

So far this school year the unique circumstance is the extreme heat.

“One of the biggest challenges is families that are now faced living in their car. It’s hard for us day to day going into 100 plus degree heat, but imagine being in your car with two or three children and trying to find different places to go or sleeping in those conditions, it can be extremely difficult.”

To help FIT you can donate online.