ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — Claims of forgery and police reports are at the center of a school board race in the Round Rock Independent School District.

The current board president, Amber Feller, who is seeking re-election, said the timing of the allegedly falsified document is concerning.

“All I know is it was a 100% forgery,” said Feller. “It never came from me and the signature is an exact match to a signature of mine that is publicly available.”

The letter, which Feller posted on her social media page, is dated “March 27th”, but it was posted online just last week.

The letter states a particular principal in another district should be removed from her job related to an incident dealing with the Round Rock ISD superintendent. The letter has what appears to be Feller’s signature, but Feller says she never wrote or signed the letter.

“I did some investigating and found pretty quickly that it was a 100% match for a signature that was on my July 22 campaign finance report,” said Feller.

Feller said she has no idea who crafted it or sent it out.

Jennifer White with the Round Rock One Family PAC said they received the letter they shared it with others.

“Obviously there is an election going on and people need to see what behaviors reflected one of the candidates,” said White.

White said she doesn’t know where the letter came from, but she said it was sent to her by the woman named in the letter.

KXAN spoke to the woman named in the letter and she said she received the letter in the mail. She said she is seeking legal action.

“All I will say again is we did not create the document,” said White. “We received the document.”

Now Feller said she’s working to get to the bottom it all.

“Since then, I have filed police reports with the Round Rock police department and filed complaints with the Texas Ethics commission as well as election code violations.”

Feller said she also had her attorney send a cease and desist letter to the Round Rock One Family PAC, who she claims posted the letter online.

Round Rock One Family PAC posted an interview on their Facebook page with the woman named in the letter.