ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — Sunday night’s hailstorm left a significant mark… on cars that is— from severely cracked windshields and shattered back windshields to dents along the cars.

A Round Rock-area car dealership executive said over 750 vehicles were damaged during the storm.

“Most of the damaged vehicles are not repairable and are anticipated to be total losses,” according to the dealership.

Of the 750 vehicles, it was estimated they represented more than $27 million in inventory value.

Dealerships most impacted by the hailstorm include Round Rock Honda, Round Rock Hyundai, Genesis of Round Rock and Round Rock Toyota.

According to KXAN Chief Meteorologist David Yeomans, Austin’s two most expensive hailstorms before Sunday were:

  • March 25, 2009: Golf ball size (1.75” diameter) hail, which caused $160 million in damage
  • March 25, 1993: Egg-size (2” diameter) hail, which caused $125 million in damage.

“You can image how if just four dealerships in Round Rock recorded $27M in damage this week, this may add up quickly,” Yeomans said.