AUSTIN (KXAN) — Round Rock city council members unanimously approved a new contractor to finish a one-mile trail that has been on pause for two years.

The city approved the Heritage Trail West project in October of 2020. The project is a one-mile long, 10-foot wide, paved trail that runs through Chisholm Trail park and Memorial park. This one-mile stretch will have a total of five bridges that go over Brushy Creek and run parallel to round rock where the city gets its name, according to the city.

The original contractor started demolition and construction in the area, but went bankrupt in September of 2021. The city tried to work with the company’s surety to finish the project, but could not come to an agreement in the past two years.

Today, the area is covered in a chain-link fence to protect the community from the exposed rebar sticking out of the ground. Piles of rock and dirt pocket the area. It is an eye-soar in a very iconic area of the town that is heavily traveled.

“Being out in the community that is what I hear, ‘When are we going to fix the trail? When are we going to see something?’ For two years we’ve been answering those questions and the longer it sits it just continues to deteriorate,” councilmember Kristin Stevens said during a Feb. 9 council meeting.

How much will this cost?

The city awarded a new $19.5 million contract to local builder Patin Construction. The city will be able to pay $12.5 million of the new contract.

The city said there was about $5.3 million that was unused on the original contract, and the project was insured for another $7.2 million which will be reimbursed. The rest of the $7 million will come from general obligation bonds that were approved in 2017, the city said.

A spokeswoman for the city said it also expects to receive additional damages and fees which should increase the amount of reimbursement.

When will it be done?

The city said construction will resume again in the spring and should take about 18 months to finish.

The trail will showcase the history of the city as a timeline when it is completely finished.

The project will also bring improvements to Bathing Beach park, Chisholm Trail Crossing park and Memorial park.