ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — A $1 million grant to the City of Round Rock’s Crisis Response Unit (CRU) will be used to bolster efforts to get those in need of mental health services the assistance they need.

The unit made its debut just this year and is made of 14 team members, said Mayor Craig Morgan. A majority of those employees are some type of mental health professional.

While funding for the crisis response unit has already been laid out in this year’s budget, Morgan said the additional funds will help the team bolster its response. Since March 15, the CRU has completed 623 calls.

In September, Congressman John Carter shared his office was able to secure a $1 million grant for the city’s CRU. Those funds stem from federal legislation and funding.

He said teams like the crisis response unit are crucial in deescalating domestic situations but are not a replacement for emergency responders.

“I wouldn’t want to put a mental health professional in a dangerous situation,” said Carter. “This is a police response also with a mental health response, which is how I think it should be.”

Morgan said the program has double the benefits for those in crisis and the public at large. If it’s determined a call only needs either police or the CRU, one or the other will respond.

“If we can get those people the help that they need then what that’ll do is it helps them not go to jail where they really may not need to be,” said Morgan. “It benefits our public because the police and fire can respond to an emergency.”