ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — The Round Rock Police Department said a sergeant shot a man after a domestic disturbance call Sunday morning. RRPD said the suspect was armed and opened fire.

RRPD said at about 12:15 a.m. Sunday, officers responded to a call for a domestic disturbance in the 3000 block of Bradford Park Drive. The caller told police the disturbance was physical, and there was a 1-year-old also in the home.

According to police, the caller and child were able to safely leave the home. Officers said the offense was thought to be a misdemeanor, and they began to leave since all potential victims were safe.

As officers were leaving the area, a shot was heard from the home, according to police.

“As officers reapproached the residence due to the gunshot, the suspect exited the back porch, pointed his weapon, fired a shot and an officer fired a single shot,” RRPD said.

Police said the 65-year-old man was later determined to be dead, and no officers were injured.

Per department policy, the Round Rock Police sergeant will be placed on administrative leave.

“Our thoughts are with all involved in this incident. Any loss of life is tragic,” RRPD Assistant Chief Justin Carmichael said.

RRPD said the investigation into the disturbance was ongoing, and the Texas Rangers and Williamson County District Attorney would be assisting in the investigation.

Round Rock police shootings

This shooting marks the fifth police shooting for RRPD in the past five years. One happened in 2018, two in 2021 and another happened earlier this year in May.

In January 2018, two officers shot at a car burglary suspect who fired at them when they confronted him early in the morning. The suspect died. In August 2021, a similar situation occured, where officers shot at a man they believed was breaking into cars. Police said he pulled out a gun when they were trying to detain him. The man survived.

Officers said in June 2021, another man threatened to kill people in a hotel, and pointed his gun at children and others. An officer shot and killed him.

Earlier this year, police shot and killed a man they said fired at officers from a wooded area. The man’s sister told KXAN he was a veteran who struggled with mental health issues. Five officers were placed on leave after the shooting.