WEST LAKE HILLS, Texas (KXAN) — Most of Travis County is under high risk for wild fires.

The City of Austin has an interactive map that shows you what the fire danger level is where you live.

Travis County Fire Risk Map
Map breaks down fire dangers across Travis County.

West Lake Hills falls in the red zone, meaning most homes are within 150 feet of wildlands. Wildlands are stretches of at least 10 acres of trees and plants.

White zones are the least at risk, sitting more than 1.5 miles from wildlands. The Austin Fire Department says embers can travel about one mile.

West Lake Hills has been recognized as a Firewise community since 2008. Firewise is a risk-reduction program facilitated by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

“It’s an infrastructure for the city and fire department to collaborate,” said City Administrator Trey Fletcher.

The city and fire department collaborated to create a set list of protocols people can follow to curb the risk of wildfires.

Officials work with residents on things like clearing dead debris from yards, cleaning gutters and making sure attic crevices are sealed.

“We offer home fire assessments so we’re able to go out and do hazard ignition and assessments as part of our Firewise community,” said West Lake Hills Fire Chief David Wilson. So we’ll go out and assist our homeowners with specifying any hazards we see and working them to try and reduce their risks.”

See additional fire-prevention tips from NFPA below.

NFPA Fire Safety Tips
NFPA Fire Safety Tips