AUSTIN (KXAN) Gusty winds plus low humidity could result in critical fire danger for many across Central Texas.

With a Fire Weather Watch in effect, firefighters with the Pflugerville Fire Department Emergency Services District 2 are keeping a close eye on conditions.

Only three weeks into one of the warmest Januarys on record, assistant chief A.J. Stacer said he’s seen an increased number of calls.

“We’ve already had to staff additional trucks, multiple days in January for fire danger,” he said.

The fire danger is caused by the wind and low humidity levels drying out fire fuel — such as trees, grass and shrubs.

Stacer said the winds have a major impact on how fast fires can spread.

“What might have been a small fire on a day with 5 miles per hour wind, if you have 25 miles per hour wind, it can grow exponentially in just a few minutes,” he said.

Despite supply chain issues causing shipping delays with gear and equipment, the firefighters from Pflugerville are fully stocked with up-to-date PPE, medical supplies and fire hoses.

If you spot any unusual smoke or flames, ESD No. 2 is asking folks to call fire departments as soon as possible.

“One or two minutes can make a really big difference in this kind of fire weather conditions,” Stacer concluded.