PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (KXAN) — Surrendering a pet can be a heartbreaking, stressful process for owners and pets alike. Pflugerville Animal Welfare Services has a new platform to make the process easier that can be found on its website.

It’s called Home To Home — a site where pet owners can register and create a profile with photos and details about the animal they need rehomed. Those looking for a new pet can search the profiles.

This allows owners to find a new home for their pets without having to surrender them to the shelter, PAWS explained. Animals will move from one home to another, which could reduce stress for them, and potential new owners will get to learn about the animals firsthand.

Currently, PAWS said it has a waitlist until November for accepting animals surrendered by their owners. Those on the waitlist now are encouraged to use Home To Home.

“Not only will this tool make transitions into new homes easier for pets, but it will also leave more shelter resources available to animals with no other options, such as strays. Our hope is that animals will transition directly to a home and not need to come to the shelter which is beneficial for the animal, the owner and the shelter,” said Pflugerville Animal Welfare Services Director Rhonda McLendon.

While Home To Home is free to use, no money is allowed to be exchanged between owners and new owners, because the site “emphasizes that re-homing fees don’t lead to better outcomes for pets, but quality communications will,” according to PAWS.

In addition to rehoming, Home To Home has a foster network to connect owners who are looking for temporary housing for their pet with fosters.