PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (KXAN) — Mental health and the growing need for mental health services have become a frequent topic of discussion.

Dr. Charles Weber, founder of Family Care performs procedure in new Pflugerville location. (KXAN photos/Tim Holcomb)

Now, in Pflugerville, there’s a new Family Care Center that will offer services to everyone. However, it has a special focus on veterans and the military community at its core.
20 percent of staff and providers are either veterans, or have a military connection.

“Family Care Center’s proximity to the needs of Veterans, active-duty military service members, military families and first responders in the area is no accident,” Family Care Center said in a press release. “The founder, Dr. Chuck Weber, is a retired Lieutenant Army Colonel, and he founded the company to continue his efforts as a psychiatrist and bring support to the military community.”

According to a 2022 Metal Health America ranking, Texas is 33rd in the country for mental health care services for adults.

Dr. Charles Weber, a physiatrist spent 27 years in the Army and has always been dedicated to a mission. When he retired, transitioning into civilian life was hard. So now he performs treatments to help with conditions like depression.

He founded the Family Health Care system with his wife in 2016.

“I needed a mission,” Weber said. “I went to many different organizations, and they didn’t have the things that I wanted, so created this kind of culture and this kind of system.”

Family Care has nearly 30 locations across the country now, offering a range of therapy from individual to family. Staff also offers medication management and transcranial magnetic stimulation to help with depression.

“Military families and veterans will have found a location that understands their service, that understand some of the sacrifices that they’ve made throughout their career and some of the challenges that they faced,” Dr. Chris Ivany a psychiatrist and chief operating officer at Family Care’s Pflugerville location said. “Their treatment here will will have that in mind.

According to Ivany, the Pflugerville location already has several hundred patients.

Dedicated to his mission, Weber said he wants to keep trying to help as many people as he can.

“In such an impactful way,” Weber said.