PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (KXAN) — Pflugerville residents will see an increased utility rate on their October water bills, according to the City of Pflugerville.

“The average residential water customer will see a $23 per month increase and the average wastewater customer will see a $22.50 increase. The overall effect to an average residential water/wastewater customer in the City of Pflugerville is a $45.50 increase to the total monthly bill,” the city said.

According to a release, the new rates support water and wastewater services and infrastructure, the cost of delivering the water, utility operations and maintenance, and improvement projects.

The city said there were several water and wastewater projects underway, which total more than $600 million in capital improvements. All are part of a water and wastewater master plan adopted in 2020.

“In that water/wastewater master plan, there was a significant amount of capital projects that we needed to do,” said Pflugerville Public Utility Director Brandon Pritchett. “Some of those include a new wastewater treatment plant, a water treatment plant expansion, and a raw water line are the biggest projects in our capital improvement plan. Then there’s a wastewater plant expansion that’s wrapping up right now.”

The city said studies showed that current utility rates would not cover the cost of upgrading these services.

Pritchet said the new and updated facilities are needed to continue meeting the demand of the growing community.

The city said the new rates were aligned with the “rising costs of service and infrastructure to provide the City of Pflugerville residents with quality drinking water and wastewater services.”

Customers who are surprised by the rate increase and unable to pay may have options.

“We definitely understand that,” Pritchet said. “Pflugerville ratepayers (who) have some pressure points, we’re always here to help and provide any kind of resources that are sustainable for their household.”