PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (KXAN) — In less than a week, the process begins for Pflugerville voters to decide on a $191.3M bond following recommendations from the 2020 Capital Improvement Bond Committee.

The bond is made up of three propositions which include transportation, parks and recreation. Initially, voters were suppose to decide on the transportation bond in May, but it was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Projects have remained the same for the transportation bond,” Amy Giannini, the assistant city manager for the City of Pflugerville explained. “The only thing we did is look over the cost estimate and refresh those based on the delay in the bond election.”

Depending on what is approved, this is how it would breakdown on a Pflugerville homeowner’s property tax bill. At present, the average Pflugerville home is around $258,000 and under the current tax rate:

  • Prop A would cost $101.62 
  • Prop B would cost $42.26
  • Prop C would cost $47.27

If all three propositions pass, homeowners would pay an additional $191.15 each year. 

“Proposition A is larger than some of our previous propositions, but it does include more projects,” said Giannini. “These were all identified as needs in our transportation master plan. The plan does take a look at anticipated growth over a five to 10-year period, as we build-out within our city.”

Anthony Nguyen, who helps operate ‘Keep Pflugerville Affordable’, argues the the bond propositions go beyond what is needed within the city right now.

“The City is really nickel-and-diming its residents, and its got to stop,” said Nguyen. “Unfortunately, it seems like all of the extra tax revenue we get from sales tax just goes to extra spending, and it doesn’t go to lowering our tax rate. It’s just too expensive. We are not as bad as Austin, but because we are so close we are getting to be that expensive.”


The transportation proposition, Prop A, is $101.7 million and the project includes:

  • City Intersection Improvements ($15.1 million) – State Highway 130 at CR 138; East Pflugerville Parkway at FM 685; Heatherwilde Boulevard at Pecan Street; FM 685 at Pecan Street; FM 685/Copper Mine Drive Overpass; Hodde/Weiss at Cele Road
  • City Neighborhood Street Reconstruction ($20.3 million) – 10th Street, Algreg Street, Applewood Drive, Bushmills Road, Butler National Drive/Diablo Drive, Caldwells Lane, Cedar Ridge Drive, Dalshank Road, Edgemere Drive, Grand National Avenue, Great Basin Avenue, Kay Lane, Lincoln Avenue, Mashburn Street, Meadow Creek Drive, Mountain View Drivr, Oak Ridge Drive, Option Avenue, Picadilly Drive, Pflugerville Loop, Plumbago Drive, Rowe Loop, Russell Street, Sullivan Street, Taylor Avenue, W. Custers Creek Bend, Windermere Drive, Yellow Sage Street
  • Immanuel Rd  ($12.6 million) – Widen to an urban three-lane roadway
  • FM 685 Corridor Improvements ($5.8 million) – Corridor study and preliminary engineering and design. The project includes lane alignment, right-of-way acquisition, utility relocation and coordination and surveying.
  • State Highway 45 Frontage Roads ($9 million)  – Connect frontage road gaps
  • Kelly Lane Phase 3 ($14.3 million) – Widen to an urban four-lane section
  • Pfluger Farm Lane North ($5.7 million) – Extend the urban three-lane roadway north to SH 45
  • Main Street ($2.2 million) – Engineering and design for a future urban two-lane section
  • Central Commerce Drive ($2.6 million) – Widen to an urban three-lane section
  • Picadilly Drive ($3.8 million) – Widen to an urban three-lane section
  • Cameron Road Realignment ($4.4 million) – Two-lane urban section from the Pecan Street and Weiss Lane intersection to Cameron Road South.
  • East Pflugerville Parkway ($2.3 million) – Engineering and design to create a four-lane, divided street between Colorado Sand Drive and Weiss Lane.
  • East Pecan Street ($3.7 million) – Preliminary engineering and design to widen to six lanes across State Highway 130.

City Parks

Prop B would put $42.3 million into city parks. Projects under this prop include:

  • Trail improvements ($1.6 million) – Close remaining trail gaps in our trail system, enhance the overall trail system with development of trailheads at appropriate locations, and develop a wayfinding system for trail users and visitors.
  • Neighborhood parks ($7.4 million) – Funding for the development of neighborhood parks, including Mallard, Pecan, Kelly Lane, Picadilly and Wilbarger Phase 2.
  • Land acquisition ($5.6 million) – More than 20 acres for recreation space, destination play space and future needs.
  • Lake Pflugerville Phase 2 ($11 million) – Development of the north side of the lake, around to the west boundary and minor improvements at the Biehle property off Becker Farm Road.
  • 1849 Park Phase 2 ($15.2 million) – Expansion of the sports fields with six additional baseball/softball fields and associated infrastructure.
  • Destination play space  ($1.6 million) – Phase 1 development of a destination playground. 

Recreation and Senior Center

  • Prop C would use $47.3 million to develop a new recreation and senior center.