WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — Prosecutors for the trial against former Hutto police officer Gregory Parris called four witnesses to the stand by the end of the day Wednesday.

Parris is charged with assault and official oppression.

Officer Jamie Alcocer’s testimony began Tuesday and ended Wednesday morning. She was with Parris the night of May 31, 2018 – when the incident between Parris and Jeremy Rogers took place. They were responding to a report from a neighbor saying they could smell marijuana.

She stated that Rogers did not say anything indicating he had a weapon. She also mentioned that Rogers had an “offender” identification card in his wallet, indicating he had been in trouble with the law before.

After she testified, Williamson County Paramedic Cindy Lopez took the stand. She stated that she and the Hutto police officers on scene had a disagreement over whether Rogers should be transported to the hospital or taken straight to jail.

“At the end of the day it’s [the] officers’ decision because [the] patient was under arrest,” she said. She also told prosecutors that his injuries were too severe in the moment for him to have been accepted at the jail.

The EMS patient report for Jeremy Rogers was presented in court.

Prosecutors say Rogers suffered a head wound and had to get stitches in his ear.

Both Lopez and Alcocer had different accounts regarding whether they believed Rogers to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Alcocer testified that both she and Parris smelled marijuana on Rogers’ clothing, and she found that grounds for “reasonable suspicion” because they were called to the area about a narcotics complaint.

Lopez answered “no” when prosecutors asked her if she had any concern at the time that Rogers was under the influence. Prosecutors also pulled up an excerpt of the EMS patient report for Rogers to show the jury, which is pictured on the left. On the form, Lopez marked “no” under “Evidence of Alcohol/Drug Impairment.”

Prosecutors also called Eric Tello to the stand. Rogers was at Tello’s home the night of the incident. Tello admitted the two of them smoked marijuana. He says it was hours before the encounter with police.

Texas Ranger Gary Phillips says he was on the team reviewing Parris’ use of force. Attorneys for both sides showed police body camera footage to Phillips and asked him questions about Parris’ and Rogers’ actions.

Phillips said Rogers did not appear to pose a threat to officers and he believes Parris went beyond what’s allowed in a pat-down because he appeared to reach inside Rogers’ pocket. During cross examination, Phillips said given the resistance Rogers presented, it was reasonable for Parris to use some level of force. Phillips also stated that police officers are permitted to use a level of force that could be considered one level higher than the use of force performed on them.

The defense deferred its opening statements until the prosecution rests. The trial will resume Thursday.