LOCKHART, Texas (KXAN) — A new greenhouse in Caldwell County that uses technology to help grow food is in operation.

Iron Ox had a grand opening for its flagship location in Lockhart Thursday. The facility is 535,000 square feet, and the company uses robots and artificial intelligence to monitor individual plants.

They can measure water needs, whether a tray needs to be moved into more sunlight and help reduce food waste. The setup allows for fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables and more.

“A key part of our system was to be flexible, so we can grow lots of different crop types in the same facility,” said Iron Ox CEO Brandon Alexander.

Iron Ox said it uses 90% less water and 15 times less land than field farms by growing food this way. The company said it will be announcing where you can pickup its produce in the area soon.

Iron Ox already has food available through Whole Foods in northern California.

KXAN’s Phill Robb contributed to this report.