AUSTIN (KXAN) — As cases continue to surge across the nation many couples who are planning weddings are having to make changes to their wedding date.

Elsie Event Co. owner Camille Ross says changing things around isn’t something new, but during a pandemic, it’s happening a lot more often.

For a wedding at the end of January, Ross said she has to forego dancing and just made the reception a dinner.

For another wedding she is moving seating to comply with social distancing.

“We have groupings of chairs that are 6 feet apart,” Ross said.

Planning a wedding in a pandemic can be a challenge and also stressful for wedding planners and engaged couples alike. Christina Scanlon and Nick Burns got engaged last year and picked a wedding date in January.

“It was like ‘oh, hopefully things will be OK by January,'” Scanlon said.

Now they are having to reduce the number of people who are attending but will still celebrate on the date they originally decided on.

“You have to adapt to the situation, and it is just an added level of stress to the general planning of a wedding,” Burns said.

The recent surge in cases has also resulted in reduced capacity at venues and even change of venues.

“My winter weddings for the most part are all downsizing,” Ross said. “My spring weddings are all downsizing or moving.”

With many couples deciding to move wedding dates further into 2021, it could create a logjam at venues and mean trouble for people looking to plan a wedding in 2021.

“Whoever is newly engaged now we are definitely suggesting looking into 2022,” Ross said.

Ross says some couples who have been able to reschedule their weddings are waiting to have a bigger ceremony when things calm down.