Mosquito season is here — why they target some people over others


AUSTIN (KXAN) — If you haven’t seen them already, you’ve probably felt them. Mosquitoes are buzzing with life in Central Texas.

We’re currently in the heart of mosquito season, according to David Price, an associate certified entomologist with Austin-based Mosquito Joe of Greater Austin. That period typically starts in April and can end as late as October.

With the recent rains, it may feel like your backyard barbeque is being invaded by these uninvited guests. Price said there are important steps homeowners should take to help mitigate the problem.

In addition to protecting yourself with proper clothing and bug spray, the key to eliminating mosquitoes is eliminating water.

“Make sure that you’re emptying all those artificial containers,” Price said. “You take away where they like to breed, then you eliminate an issue right there.”

That means emptying out any containers that can store water, including gutters and flower pots. When it comes to the yard, fix divots in your grass or garden bed where water could potentially pool.

Another thing you can do is set up a fan.

“Mosquitos only fly about 1 to 1.5 miles per hour, so they don’t like that movement of the air, and that will keep them away from the area as well,” Price said.

As for why it seems like mosquitoes are always attracted to you, Price said it may be because you’re sweaty.

“They pick up on the carbon dioxide first, so they know that there’s a mammal that’s present,” Price said. “Then also kind of your sweat, so if you have a tendency to sweat more, they’re going to be more attracted to you.”

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