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MASON COUNTY (KXAN) — Tennis ball-sized hail battered Mason County Sunday evening, shattering windows, denting cars, and even crashing into some Central Texans’ homes.

Viewer Tony Plutino sent us photos showing a car with a shattered rear windshield, cracks to the front windshield and huge dents all over the car. This was in Mason County where the tennis ball-sized hail was reported. That’s a hailstone 2.5 inches in diameter.

  • Mason County hail Tony Plutino
  • Mason County hail Tony Plutino
  • Mason County hail Tony Plutino
  • Mason County hail Tony Plutino
  • Mason County hail Tony Plutino
  • Mason County hail Tony Plutino

For hail, you need significant updraft winds keeping the hailstones in the thunderstorm so they can grow. The stronger the updraft speed, the larger the hail. For pea-sized hail, you need an updraft speed of 24 mph. For the tennis ball-sized hail Mason County saw Sunday, you need an updraft speed of 77 mph, faster than the speed on most Texas highways.

The area near Enchanted Rock was also hit hard with hail. Fred Danze sent KXAN these photos of hail that came down there.

And viewer Raynette Geistweidt also shared a similar photo from near Enchanted Rock. The hail there measured a half-dollar in size. That’s 1.25 inches in diameter.

Raynette Geistweidt - Hail near Enchanted Rock 5-9-21
Hail falling near Enchanted Rock on May 9. Photo: Raynette Geistweidt

Viewer Leroy Wunderlich sent us this video from Crabapple Springs near Fredericksburg. Hail falling in the area appears to be the size of half dollars. In fact, that’s the size of a crabapple fruit.

KXAN gave you the first warning about the storm and then tracked it throughout the afternoon and evening.

Kristen Currie warned Monday that more severe weather is on the way and could again bring large hail. There have already been multiple significant hail storms in 2021, and this could be one of the worst years all time for damaging hail.

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