AUSTIN (KXAN) — You can leave a permanent mark in Austin just by spending an hour outside. The Trail Foundation is looking for volunteers to help plant thousands of trees in Austin. The goal is to beat last year’s goal and plant 8,000 trees in 2020.

The area the foundation is focusing on is located in an Austin neighborhood that is already seeing a lot of change, the shoreline of Lady Bird Lake at Festival Beach near the former Holly Power Plant. The city and the nonprofit are both working to build a new addition to the trail runners, and walkers enjoy every day. The extra space comes after the city decommissioned the power plant. The new trees will be planted on the shoreline that will eventually lead to the new trail space.

“Trees offer all sorts of ecological functions including urban temperature reduction, water quality, air purification. They provide shade, reduce soil erosion and they are all so beautiful. They provide habitat for wildlife,” said Leslie Lilly, Conservation Director at The Trail Foundation.

The foundation is also getting help with vegetation with the help of baby and adult goats.

“They can safely eat poison ivy and have no harmful reactions,” said Lilly. “Its important for it to be a social community effort.

The nonprofit has several volunteer opportunities scheduled for the month of February, March, and April.