LEANDER, Texas (KXAN) — The heavily trafficked Ronald Reagan Boulevard that runs north and south through cities in Williamson County is in need of a new paint job. Neighbors in the area who drive the road consistently say the striping on the roadway that divides the lanes is worn and faded, almost blending into the road.

Charlene Mertz, a Liberty Hill resident, describes the condition of the road as “miserable.”

The road is two northbound lanes and two southbound lanes with a grass median separating the two. The speed limit can be anywhere between 55 and 65 miles per hour and Mertz said she is worried every time she drives it.

“You can’t see the edge of the road. You can’t see the line divisions. You can’t see anything,” Mertz explained.

Who maintains the road?

Mertz said she has been trying to get the road restriped for months. She has called Williamson County to get somebody to fix it, but has not heard back.

A Williamson County spokesperson said the county only maintains the road north of Highway 29 and south of FM 3405. This fall, the county will be starting a project to widen the roadway in that area.

Everything south of Highway 29 is maintained by the city of Leander. A spokesperson for the city said it has received some calls about restriping the roadway, especially after Cedar Park restriped its portion of the road.

Along the border of the two cities, you can clearly see a difference in the striping. Cedar Park’s side is clearly visible, while Leander’s side is worn out and in need of a tune up.

“We’ve had clear weather. Once it starts to rain, which it will eventually, when the road is wet, I’m terrified,” Mertz explained.

How long will it take to fix?

The Leander spokesperson said the city plans to restripe a portion of the roadway in the upcoming year, but it does not have the funds to restripe the entire section of Ronald Reagan Boulevard that runs through its city.

In total, the city allocates $75,000 a year for restriping projects throughout the city. It projects the cost of restriping all of Ronald Reagan Boulevard will cost about $85,000. The city will have to restripe the entire road in phases.

The tentative plan for the city right now is to restripe the white lines and reflective markers in the roadway. The last time the road had been restriped was in 2015.