AUSTIN (KXAN) — After several months of diminished mobility and behavioral changes, a neurologist has found a large tumor in KXAN mascot Kaxan’s brain.

If you have been a frequent viewer of KXAN over the last ten years, you have likely seen this handsome fluff ball appear alongside Jim Spencer, KXAN’s former chief meteorologist. 

The pup was found in an alleyway behind KXAN studios one blistering summer’s day over a decade ago. Newsroom staff took Kaxan to the Austin Animal Center, and his former owners, an Austin couple, were notified. The couple decided to surrender Kaxan back to the shelter, and Spencer decided to make Kaxan a part of his family and KXAN’s. 

“We got some very devastating news,” said the CityDog Austin Facebook page. “[Kaxan] had a large brain tumor which was likely cancerous and had likely been growing over the last six months. We were told that radiation might be an option, so we were referred to a radiation oncologist. After some additional testing we were told that we could move forward with radiation treatments.” 

Kaxan will start his radiation treatment Monday.

“We share this with all of you because we know Kaxan is not only a part of our family, he’s a part of yours as well. You know his story. You have seen him on KXAN News for ten years. You have seen his work in the community, and many of you have had the fortune of meeting him in person. He’s done so much for a community we love dearly,” read the post on Kaxan’s Facebook page. 

Late last year, Kaxan’s story was adapted into a children’s novel called ‘Becoming Kaxan.’

“The book is based on the true story of an unwanted dog discovered in an alley behind Austin television station KXAN and his remarkable transformation to an important member of the local animal therapy and rescue community,” a release for the book said.