AUSTIN (KXAN) — Roughly nine months after the February winter storms, Austin Energy is putting its customer service employees forward to explain what it was like to take more than 100,000 calls during the storm. They posted the remarks in a video for “customer service week.”

“If I could describe it with a word, I would say intense,” Jami Nieto Stanziola, the customer service manager for Austin Energy, said at the start of the video.

Employees described tensions as being high with customers. They also talked about how many of them were taking calls from home, dealing with power and water loss themselves.

“The hardest part of the winter storm was working at home without water,” Fabio Gutierrez, a customer service representative, said in the video.

Austin Energy says they have roughly 200 people in their customer service call center, which they say are all local.

“That week was a tough week for the contact center. There definitely was a high demand as far as call volume, as far as escalations dealing with customers emotions and really try to empathize with them and put yourself in the customer’s shoes,” Latoya Durant, a senior customer service representative, said.

You can watch the full video here: