AUSTIN (KXAN) — School emergencies happen unexpectedly and can cause uncertainty for parents as information is made available, but it is up to school districts to provide them with updates.

Many districts use a mass messaging system, such as ParentSquare, to send text messages, emails and robocalls to the contact information provided by parents. That particular system is used by Del Valle ISD and Hutto ISD. However, the specific system may vary by district.

Information may also be posted on a district’s website or social media page. Del Valle ISD and Hutto ISD use social media posts to broadcast information out to the community if necessary.

For Austin ISD, the district says that it will release “accurate and timely” information to parents, the public and local media. However, the district also asks parents to not come to the school unless told to by the district.

If an AISD school is evacuated, the district has reunification locations. These may be a different location than a child’s school, so the district or student will inform parents of the pickup location. Identification is required for the reunification process, and parents may be asked to fill out a short form to help staff locate their student.

In all cases, parents need to make sure that their contact information is up to date with their child’s school district. This can be done via an online portal or through school administration.

In the case of an emergency, KXAN endeavors to bring timely and in-depth information as a situation develops. To notify KXAN about an on-campus emergency, call 512-703-5300 or email us at

District representatives with specific emergency instructions or procedures not mentioned in this article can reach out to KXAN to have that information added.